Refugee told: ‘Go back to your country we don’t want you’

Refugee told: ‘Go back to your country we don’t want you’

Many refugees have endured unimaginable horrors in their own countries before they arrive in the UK.

Zozan Yasar grew up surrounded by conflict, was denied access to education and had to leave her native Kurdistan amid the threat of being arrested for her work as a journalist.

Her experiences could explain why thousands of refugees undertake perilous journeys here in search of a better life.

Unfortunately, their trauma does not end once they reach the UK as many face hostility from the authorities and the public, as Zozan first discovered at a London Tube station and later when she needed hospital treatment.

The government has been criticised for the “toxic language” it uses towards people seeking asylum and United Nations Refugee Agency Matthew spokesman Saltmarsh warned labelling refugees as “illegal” can breed social division.

“But we should also remember that opinion polls consistently show most British people are supportive of refugees and open to the positive impact of migrants on the country and society,” he said.

Geoff Bew

Freelance journalist and contributor, currently studying MA in Journalism at Brighton University.

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